Rewardrobe are London’s first Slow Style Consultancy.

We work with private clients to help them develop their personal style, and with brands to enhance their visibility and connections with the public and stockists.

At Rewardrobe, we are passionate about wardrobe solutions. We provide new space and functionality, and work with clients to define their personal image, according to their own lifestyle and personality. Plus, we will pass on invaluable advice on how to manage a sustainable wardrobe - combining all traditional styling services with the concept of Slow Fashion in a totally innovative approach. Where most people are still afraid of having to compromise on style to be more sustainable, Rewardrobe is there to show it is possible to be as trendy and fashionable as ever, while also buying and managing a wardrobe with a conscience.

Rewardrobe aims to be the point of contact between the growing market of sustainable fashion and the mainstream consumer. We work with brands to get them established in the marketplace, increase their exposure with press and with the public, expand internationally.

Rewardrobe’s success lies with the personal relationships we establish with all our clients. We strive to include all of them in our already extensive network, to create multi-level synergies.

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