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Fast/Slow // The Bomber Jacket

Posted in Fast/Slow, Shopping, Slow Fashion on Sunday, November 17th, 2013

rewardrobe slow fashion bomber jacket


Shop for Goodone here. Shop for TRAIDremade here.



Fast/Slow // Coloured Denim

Posted in Fast/Slow, Shopping on Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Multi-colour denim is a must trend for SS2013, as the above campaigns by GAP and Benetton show. Yes, they look casual and cool and happy and inviting – but luckily GAP, Benetton and the likes are not the only ones bringing happy hues to the denim market. If you want to wear eye-brightening tones, or be seduced by tongue-in-cheek branding, look no further than Monkee Genes:

They’re pretty trendy – but, importantly, Monkee Genes is also the first and only jeans label to have accreditations from both The Soil Association and the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). “Organic Jeans made by people who care (because they are cared for)”.

For a slightly more understated palette, the guys can go to Nudie, Levi’s and Incotex.

These Nudie Jeans are 98% organic cotton/2% elastane.

Levi’s recently launched the Colors of Nature line, coloured with vegetable dyes. The vibrant yellow is derived from the dried nuts of the terminalia chebula, a tree with small oval leaves and bright yellow flowers grown primarily in the foothills of the Himalayas. The red comes from the rubia cordifolia, a plant in the coffee family that produces star-like evergreen leaves, pale yellow flowers and red to black berries. The deep blue dye is created from by fermenting the leaves of indigofera tinctoria plant with cassiatora seeds, ash water, and lime. The warm brown is extracted from the bark of the babul tree or arcacia arabica, a hardy species found in India that is rich in tannin.

These by Incotex are not jeans actually, but chinos. But I still like the palette, and they are perfect for a casual but refined ensemble this summer. To find out more about Incotex and see my styling suggestions with pieces from their SS13 collection, head here.

Fast/Slow // Sail The Seven Seas upcycled military dress

Posted in Fast/Slow, Shopping on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

Just like the “safari/colonial” or “flowers prints” trends, the Military trend is one that’s been going strong for season and is certainly here to stay for a while yet. I’d never push a fad, but this is a versatile look that I can confidently advise to embrace. It’s also so ubiquitous that designers have been creating versions of it that include suede and tweed versions. But why not stay truer to it, with real military fabrics, just like the ones that Sail The Seven Seas upcycle.

Fast/Slow // Veja’s Cabas tote bag

Posted in Fast/Slow, Shopping on Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

Welcome to a new little Rewardrobe column. Every time I flick through a magazine and see something for which I have the perfect Slow alternative, I will show you in here.

Uncertain which Slow brands to go for? Still of the idea that Slow is nice in theory, but really you’re more excited by what you see in the glossies or in mainstream stores windows? Or are you dedicated to Slow fashion, so you refrain from buying from the high-street, but you are still attracted by their propositions for the new season? Well, follow this column, and I’ll show you the better option.

For example, the other day I was reading… don’t quite remember actually! Either Elle or Vogue… anyway, was reading a glossy and saw a beautiful bag by Anya Hindmarch, in a great coral colour. But wait a minute! Doesn’t that remind me of something? Of course it does, I just saw it at Estethica, didn’t I? It’s the great Cabas tote by Veja! Which also comes in an array of vibrant colours. But it’s made of vegetable tanned leather and produced to high ethical labour standars. And, believe it or not, it’s a third of the price! £150 instead of £795 for the designer brand.

So, which route would you go down? The Designer (I must admit I can’t quite call it Fast fashion in this case – but you still pay a premium price just because the piece bears a certain logo on it), or the Slow?

You can buy the Veja bag straight from their website (in French), or from Toast in the UK.