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July 2013 – A Thank You post

Posted in Rewardrobe Events on Saturday, July 6th, 2013

A few weeks ago I updated you on my Spring Hiatus. As I explained, I didn’t post much but that doesn’t mean my spring has been dull or uneventful, on the contrary!

There’s been lots of events, new contact and opportunities, so in the new 2013 tradition (see January and February), here’s a round up of things I am grateful for.

> March

> I did an interview with EcoFashionFriday back in February, and in March the video was finally published. It’s a full 10-minutes chat with them about what Slow fashion means to me, why I chose it as a career and who my favourite brands are

> I was also very happy to be shortlisted in the newly created category of Sustainable Fashion at the Sustainable City Awards. As Livia Firth explains in this video: “You can’t talk about sustainability without addressing fashion as well”.

> Thank you Christina Dean of Redress Asia for asking me to help out with her awesome 365 Challenge, over which she’s wearing only dumped, discarded or donated secondhand clothes for the whole of 2013. In March it was all about swapping, and I exchanged a vintage tunic for a pair of silk trousers from Christina’s picks.

> April

> I was interviewed by Fashion Camp, a great event that takes place every summer in Milan. Read the article here (if you understand Italian!)


> I was also interviewed for a very interesting article on the Guardian Social Enterprise Network: How social enterprise can succeed in the world of high fashion. Thrilled to contribute alongside the people behind great brands like Bottletop and Izzy Lane.

> June

Another interview, this time for RAI, Italy’s national TV broadcaster. The programme is about artisanship and craftsmanship, something Italy (and in this case, my region Sardinia) are rich of. I was asked to explain why preserving this richness is important, and to introduce some fabulous brands by Sardinian designers such as Antonello Tedde, Kokku, Paolo Corona and Anna Grindi. The video will be available in September!

February 2013 – A Thank You Post

Posted in Rewardrobe Events on Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Rather than a self-celebratory post, this wants to be a thank you one. To other blogs/online magazines/peers that have recently taken an interest in what I do with Rewardrobe, and featured it. So a huge THANK YOU to Local Wisdom, The Frugal Challenge at EcoAge, Greenpeace and Eco Fashion Friday.

In December 2012 Local Wisdom had a London photo shoot and I was so happy to take part and share my experience. I wasn’t there in my professional role, nor am I featured as such. There was an open call for the shoot and I attended as simply as a clothes user – but I’m so chuffed to have contributed that I’ll still share here and say thanks for the opportunity! Local Wisdom is a great project of worldwide resonance. Originated in 2009 by Dr Kate Fletcher, Reader in Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion, it combines ethnographic research methods with design process. It gathers stories and images from the public of how people use their clothes at community photo shoots. These use practices are then the basis and inspiration for design projects in the UK, USA, Canada, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand which aim to amplify these practices and explore their integration into larger programmes or original business models. Local Wisdom explores satisfying and resourceful practices associated with using clothes. This ‘craft of use’ aims to challenge the dependency of the fashion industry on increasing material throughout and propose solutions through sustained attention to tending and using garments and not just creating them.

I also took The Frugal Challenge at Eco Age – again! I was one of the first to do it when it started in the summer of 2011, but I thought a winter version was needed! You can find details of what I wore here.

I was extremely proud to be featured by Greenpeace in the official page of the Detox Campaign Manifesto, alongside many other names of fashion, and sustainable fashion in particular, all of whom I admire and feel honoured to call my peers.

In February I also got to work with the newly launched Eco Fashion Friday project. Eco Fashion Friday was created at communications&sustainability consultancy Salterbaxter, and one of their first actions was to ask their own employees to design a Slow t-shirt or handbag – and I was asked to be in the judging panel! It was great fun, and some of the designs were so good I hope they actually go into production fast!

I have joined Greenpeace’s Detox & The Fashion Duel campaigns. Will you?

Posted in Rewardrobe Events on Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

I had a great honour this week: to be profiled as an ambassador for Greenpeace’s Detox campaign’s Manifesto, alongside some prominent names in fashion, that are doing a lot to bring sustainability forward, like Orsola De Castro, Livia Firth and Safia Minney.

But the Detox campaign is not just for people working in the industry. Like all Greenpeace initiatives, it is for everyone to be involved, it gives all of us the opportunity to do our bit. So you can also pledge your commitment to it:

So what is the Detox Campaign? Launched in November 2012, it aims to expose the links between textile manufacturing facilities using toxic chemicals and water pollution. “Our investigation includes 20 global fashion brands, and testing on 141 products sold by the leading fashion brands, such as Zara, Chinese fashion label Metersbonwe, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Mango, Tommy Hilfiger and Vero Moda. The campaign demands brands eliminate releases of hazardous chemicals into the environment and products. The best way to do this is to replace them with safer alternatives. And to show that they mean it, they must be transparent and disclose what each of their suppliers are releasing into our environment from their facilities”.

Fifteen global fashion leaders have committed to Detox in response to the growing international campaign (Nike, AdidasPumaH&MM&SC&A, Li-NingZaraMango, EspritLevi’sUniqlo,BenettonVictoria’s SecretG-Star Raw and Valentino). But other clothing companies, like Calvin Klein, GAP and Abercrombie&Fitch still need to respond to the urgency of the situation, Detox their brands and help Detox our future. Get the report here.

The brands the Detox campaign targets are among the largest in the world, responsible for the sales of billions of clothes, shoes, accessories. But how about the luxury labels? Are they producing according to fair environmental standards? Are their policies and their supply chains transparent? Unfortunately not. This is why last week Greenpeace launched another campaign, aimed specifically at the highest fashion houses from Italy and France: The Fashion Duel.

The Fashion Duel is particularly meaningful to me. I am Italian. I have grown up dreaming of one day working for one of the big names: Armani, Gucci, Ferragamo. I thought that was the real fashion, it was what I aspired to. But to me, it had a meaning: it wasn’t the labels, the ‘bling’. It was the luxury, that of haute couture, of timeless quality, of craftsmanship, of Made In Italy (or Paris!). Except, these brands have got very dirty secrets behind them, as dirty as the high-street chains’. These are the fashion houses that set the pace for fashion and dictate the trends globally. But do they also lead by example when it comes to sustainability? I’m afraid they don’t.

This is why Greenpeace are challenging 15 top fashion brands to clean up their act. “We are asking luxury brands to guarantee their consumers that their products are not tainted with deforestation and hazardous chemicals. We have issued a challenge to take action by adopting ambitious policies for Zero Deforestation and Zero Discharge of hazardous chemicals”.

From Greenpeace, the challenge comes in the form of a ‘green gauntlet’, a kit containing a glove and a link to a survey on three areas of the brands’ global supply chain: leather, pulp and paper and textile production. From you, it comes with the simple action of giving your pledge to the campaign.

January 2013 – A Thank You Post

Posted in Rewardrobe Events on Monday, February 4th, 2013

Rather than a self-celebratory post, this wants to be a thank you one. To other blogs/online magazines that have recently taken an interest in what I do with Rewardrobe, and featured it. So a huge THANK YOU to The Design Trust, GreenaddictedFashion Compassion and Style Is…

Back in November 2012, I was approached by The Design Trust to take part in a blog post about the story behind interesting business names. I must admit I was flattered – as anyone who’s ever started a new venture knows, choosing a name to represent all your values in one simple word is very difficult, with the added uncertainty of not knowing how it will stand the test of time. I have often received good feedback about the Rewardrobe brand, but being featured in this article, alongside great businesses+business names such as Tatty Devine, The Good Folk and Makerhood was the ultimate seal of approval. [follow: @TheDesignTrust]

In December 2012, I got to meet Sara Francesca Lisot, a young green enthusiast from Milan. Sara has got an entrepreneurial mind and a great interest in sustainability and social media, and has already curated a few online projects. Her latest is, for which she asked me to give a short interview (in which she cheekily revealed how embarrassed I stil get talking to a camera). [follow @ecoSFL]

In January 2013, I had the honour of being picked as Blogger of the Monthby Fashion ComPassion. I have followed Fashion Compassion’s project since the beginning (even did an event with them), and I’m amazed to see how much founder Ayesha Mustafa has achieved in only 2 to 3 years. Do check out their amazing accessories selection! [follow @FashnComPassion] 

Finally, thanks to Ceri Heathcote of newly launched ethical fashion shopping platform Style Is…, for mentioning one of my blog posts in her January round-up, and for offering to feature Rewardrobe in the Feel Good Fashion Directory that she has just compiled. [follow @Style__is] 

Rewardrobe styling at Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out event!

Posted in Rewardrobe Events, Shopping on Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

It’s Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out! The hottest international fashion event, just ahead of London Fashion Week, and Rewardrobe have been invited to style the warm-up party, at Atelier Tammam.

I have the pleasure to invite all my readers to a relaxed evening of style, beauty, music and sustainable shopping. I will be offering taster styling sessions, so if you’ve been curious about what a Rewardrobe consultation could do for you, this is the perfect occasion to meet me in person and ask me all the questions you want.

Atelier Tammam will be hosting the ultimate Fashion Night Out warm-up event on Thursday September 6th. Starting at 5pm, the party will boast a list of services essential to add last-minute perfection and finishes to such a special night’s outfit, as well as drinks, nibbles and music to keep guests entertained while they browse the sustainable accessories especially selected for the evening, and have their hair and make-up done.

Atelier Tammam was recently opened in the heart of Bloomsbury, at 5 Hasting Street, a central location near the British Library and St. Pancras, which also retains the charm of a more intimate setting. Guests are invited to start their FNO itinerary there, before collecting their gift of vouchers worth over £150 and catching the convenient shuttle services Green Tomato Cars are providing to the FNO hotspots of Covent Garden or Bond Street.

While at Atelier Tammam, guests will enjoy styling advice by Rewardrobe, last minute alterations by Nanna Sandom of Splendid Stitches, and hair and make up touch-up sessions (vintage and modern options) by Mark Alexander and Kitty Vintage at Suedey Salon next door to the Atelier.

The evening will naturally have music entertainment with live performances and a soundtrack provided by Broken Hearts DJs, complimentary vegan cocktails featuring Sailor Jerry’s Rum, and nibbles by guilt-free PopChips and Conscious Chocolates.

But this is first and foremost a fashion evening, so Atelier Tammam have selected a range of conscious accessories for guests to discover. They will display the Atelier’s own Lucina Puro by Tammam luxury silk accessories collection, lingerie by Who Made Your Pants? and one-of-a-kind jewellery creations by Linnie McLarty. All topped off with a dab of natural scent from The Perfume Garden.

I would be delighted if you wanted to join me on this special night. And if you’d like to book a mini-consultation, please do so here:

Rewardrobe wins Best Professional Service for Waltham Forest Business Awards

Posted in Rewardrobe Events on Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Very excited to announce Rewardrobe are winners of the Best Professional Services category for the Waltham Forest Business Awards 2012.

The Waltham Forest Business Award showcases the most creative, innovative and enterprising businesses in Waltham Forest.
At its first edition for 2012, the aim is to recognise and reward small businesses in Waltham Forest for their determination, hard work and contribution that their businesses makes to the local economy.

It was absolutely great to be chosen by the jury as the winner of the Best Professional Services category – however the final choice now rests with the public for an overall winner of the final prize, so I would like to ask all of my friends, colleagues, clients, readers and followers to vote for me!

You can do so here:  and it’s a very easy and quick process.
I would also like to give a mention to the other finalists, who all run great businesses, which are based in the Walthm Forest borough, but have a much wider reach:

Start-up business of the year – Screen 17
Retail business of the year – Penny Fielding
Creative business of the year – Elbow Creative
Social enterprise/ Charity of the year – The Soul Project
Food &/ or Drinks business of the year – City Veg ‘n’ Fruit Ltd

Thanks for voting!

People Tree style event: outfit advice by Rewardrobe

Posted in Rewardrobe Events, Shopping on Thursday, April 19th, 2012

People Tree are a brand I have huge respect for: true pioneers of Fairtrade, they were making ethical clothes before I even knew there was a Slow Fashion movement.

So it is with great pleasure that I’ve been asked to collaborate with them for an ethical fashion ‘do’ they are setting up for this weekend.

On Friday evening, they’ll be starting the weekend off in style, with bubbly and free, delicious Divine chocolate.

And on Saturday, I’ll be at hand for a spot of personal style advice, to help pick the best pieces from this generous sample sale, and send a few ladies (and gents!) off home with a smile on their faces.

Rewardrobe collaborate with Fashion ComPassion on their 1st anniversary celebrations

Posted in Rewardrobe Events, Shopping on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

I have known Ayesha Mustafa for a while now, and followed her wonderful Fashion Compassion initiative with great admiration. And now, Fashion Compassion is one year old, and Ayesha is staging a stylish celebration to which she kindly asked me to take part.

This is going to be an event at trendy Notting Hill boutique, The Merchant 24.

The evening will present the best of ethical and sustainable fashion and lifestyle brands as well as numerous hands-on activities in which guests can be involved. Fashion ComPassion’s 2012 collections will be on sale and customers will have the chance to place bespoke orders of limited edition pieces – while I will be at hand to give styling tips and put beautiful and sustainable outfits together. Guests will also be able to enjoy consultations on health and wellbeing by Fushi, whose products I’m looking forward to trying. There will also be live music, delicious desserts, canapés and drinks, so something for everyone!

A percentage of all sales made on the evening will support OXFAM’s work including projects empowering women – which is perfectly aligned to Fashion Compassion’s philosophy. “We want everyone who walks in the doors of The Merchant to remember this night and the importance of supporting and empowering women in the developing world”, as Ayesha put it.

It would be great to see all of you there. If you’re interested in coming along, do drop me a line, or RSVP directly to

EFF Source Expo 2011 in pictures: Rewardrobe stand at Designer Pavilion

Posted in Rewardrobe Events on Sunday, November 27th, 2011

As explained in detail here, I not only curated the selection of brands exhibiting at the Designer Pavilion during the Ethical Fashion Forum Source Expo 2011 – I also had my own stand, where I introduced eight Italian sustainable fashion brands to the UK market for the first time.

Here are some pictures of the event:

I was also asked to take part in the panel of one of the seminars organised by the Ethical Fashion Forum. Here I am with Tamsin Lejeune, EFF Director, Emily Peirce, EFF Senior Manager, Anita Hawkins of We Are ULTRA, and Benita Singh of Source4Style

Rewardrobe in the Fashion Panel at Shine Unconference 2011

Posted in Rewardrobe Events on Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Last week, I was invited to be part of the panel leading the fashion-themes discussion at Shine Unconference 2011, that took place at Hub Westminster on 17th and 18th November.

Shine is the UK’s leading unconventional conference (or unconference) for socially-minded entrepreneurs, and offers an accelerator package to allow entrepreneurs to grow their venture; practical support, services, tools and connections.

The focus is by no means on fashion, however I was glad to see that the topic was considered relevant for entrepreneurs who want to be agents of change, and I was honoured to be invited to sit in a very variegated and interesting panel. The session was titled ‘Bang on Trend’ (and subtitled: Fashion and social enterprise haven’t always skipped through life hand in hand. But can personal iconography, technology and social enterprise create a something more important?), it was led by Kresse of pioneering label Elvis & Kresse, with other panelists including Esther Freeman of Ms Wanda’s, Heather lodge of Heloeco and Lori Smith of Rarely Wears Lipstick.

In the true spirit of the ‘unconference’, this aimed at being an informal discussion, and indeed the public were very engaged and threw some really interesting questions at us, which led to very open conversations on a number of topics, all related to fashion and sustainability. For a good round-up, read this blog post by Ms Wanda’s.

I left quite inspired by the whole debate, the result was food for thought not just for those attending, but for us panelists too – even more so I’d say, as the issues that we discussed are integral part of our jobs, and very much our personal interests.