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6 Slow fashion London boutiques where to shop on Small Business Saturday

Posted in Shopping, Slow Fashion on Monday, December 1st, 2014

It may only be at its second edition, but Small Business Saturday is a big deal for indies. Taking place on the first shopping Saturday in December, the campaign aims to have a lasting impact on small businesses, and these are the results of 2013′s inaugural edition: 48% of UK consumers were aware of the day and 40% of all Local Authorities supported the campaign; over 1.5 million facebook views and #SmallBizSatUK trending top 3 all day on twitter; and, most crucially: over £460 million spent in small businesses on the day.

There are infinite ways to support independents on the day (and beyond! This really should become a lifestyle…): go to a local farmers’ market/bakery/fishmonger (healthy quality produce!), have brunch at an independent cafe’ (much tastier!), read something you bought from a small bookstore (great conversation with knowledgeable staff!), and so on.
But obviously for me this is the perfect occasion to remind you to support slow fashion boutiques. Because here in London we are lucky to have several. So here is a little itinerary, which will take you around the whole city if you decide to make a great shopping day of it.

> 69b


Established in 2011 in Broadway Market, this is an absolute gem. Owner Merryn Leslie has a long-spanning career as a fashion stylist, which shows brilliantly in her buying choices and visual merchandising. The space is fresh, edgy and elegant at the same time – only, all the labels also happen to be sustainable. Essentially, 69b already embodies the future of ethical fashion: when it will be just fashion. Plus, their new e-commerce website has just launched, literally this week. Visit in person on 6th December, and order online all year round.
69b Broadway Market, London E8 4PH

> Here Today Here Tomorrow


Here Today Here Tomorrow is a collaborative studio shop between designers Katelyn Toth-Fejel, Emma Rigby, Julia Crew and Anna-Maria Hesse. Their Dalston space is used not only to house the designers’ own lines, but a range of other brands too, be they upcycled, fairtrade or Made In Britain – plus craft skills workshops such as natural dyeing techniques.
They also have an online store:
30a Balls Pond Road, London N1 4AU

> Cock & Bull


This is one for the boys: from a basic t-shirt to classic tweed flatcaps, this store is the ultimate sustainable gents outfitters. Nestled in quaint Cheshire Street just off Brick Lane, a visit to Cock & Bull will fit perfectly in your shopping itinerary.
Also online at
30 Cheshire Street, London E2 6EH

> The Fara Workshop


The Fara Workshop in Angel is another totally winning retail formula. Since the collection comes from reclaimed fabrics, the whole store has also been outfitted with reclaimed materials, which make for a beautiful and unique space. Every garment for sale is also unique, as well as handmade in the premises and contributing to a great charity. How many more boxes can you tick? Ah yes, you can attend sewing and upcycling workshops here, too.
28-32 Pentonville Road, London N1 9HJ

> The Keep Boutique


Anyone in the know is aware that Brixton is where it’s at – particularly with boutiques like The Keep in its midst. With a selection of the best sustainable brands from Antiform to Wunderwek, and regular events held in store, this is exactly what the indie shopping experience is all about: handpicked pieces, a knowledgeable and friendly owner, the perfect atmosphere.
Shop online too, at
32/33 Brixton Village, Coldharbour Lane, London SW9 8PR

> Lowie


No winter shopping trip is complete without a piece from knitwear brand Lowie, be it mittens or socks or the perfect Fair Isle jumper. And if you visit their lovely store, you’ll also find yourself in another great area for indies: Dulwich/Herne Hill (check out this The Resident piece on shopkeepers of the area). Or, find them at their Old Truman Brewery pop-up, or online at
115 Dulwich Road, Herne Hill, London, SE24 0NG

p.s.: if you are an independent retailer and are looking for ideas to make the most of SBS, have a read of this piece on the ecommerce advice blog I write for: 5 ways to get your business ready for Small Business Saturday.


Slow Christmas // Gift ideas from Sapelle’

Posted in Shopping on Sunday, December 15th, 2013

For the last day of our Christmas special, I have chosen to highlight Sapelle’, an online treasure trove of all things Made In Africa by brands, social enterprises and artisans from all over the continent.

Although African style is often identified only with bold prints and very exotic artefacts, Sapelle’ have edited a collection which can be both colourful and more somber, with pieces to suit many styles and occasions. The unique range of products features everyday African fashion that’s inspired by the diverse artistic and design influences found all over the continent, injected with a dose of modern creativity.

My moodboard is all about great accessories that will make perfect Christmas gift (use SAPSHIPPING1213 for free shipping), but there’s also a huge selection of beautiful womenswear. Get browsing on Sapelle’.com!

Rewardrobe Slow Christmas Gifts Guide - Sapelle

1. Oversized Mudcloth Clutch by Ayikai Couture

2. Recycled paper and fabric necklace made by Swaziland social enterprise Quazi Design

3. Recycled paper and nickel-free necklace made by Swaziland social enterprise Quazi Design

4. Hand made girls’ head band in African print

5. Vintage Senegalese glass trade bead and satin ribbon necklace

6. ’Njomoku’ brass statement ring by Made

7. Handwoven Malian cotton and lurex scarf, hand dyed using natural indigo – by Fee Uhssi

8. Leather & Cowhide Drawstring Bag by Chameleon Earth

9. Cotton scarf, dyed in Ghana using a traditional batik wax resist method

10. Tribal Print Shopper Bag by Mozambican designer Taibo Bacar



Slow Christmas // Gift ideas from AIRR clothing

Posted in Shopping on Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Today’s selection from AIRR clothing features some firm favourites in the sustainable fashion arena, from Komodo to People Tree, to Matt & Nat and Made UK.

What we like the most about AIRR clothing is that it stems from the commitment of a very young entrepreneur – teenagers are not just into cheap high-street fashion! Ayesha Bell set up AIRR in Derbyshire at the age of 18, and has now gone on to opening a second store, showcasing and promoting the best Fairtrade brands.

Choose a wonderful gift, or add a perfect staple to your own conscious wardrobe – and enjoy 20% off with code GIFT20.

Rewardrobe Slow Christmas Gifts Guide - AIRRclothing


1. Georgie Fairisle cape by People Tree

2. Chillin’ canvas bag by O My Bag

3. Nicole dress by People Tree

4. Juri coat by Komodo

5. Walter wild flower tee by Komodo

6. Quant dress by Komodo

7. Goldfrapp bag by Matt & Nat

8. Little Frankie bag by O My Bag

9. Kasulo bracelet by Made UK

10. Windsor tunic by Mudd & Water

11. Oversize jumper dress by Maitri

Slow Christmas // Gift ideas from Caipora Jewellery

Posted in Shopping on Friday, December 13th, 2013

If you’re looking for something truly special this Christmas – be it for your Mum, sister, friend, or as a… erm… subtle suggestion for your own wishlist – you really need to look no further than Caipora Jewellery. Not only you will find beautifully crafted accessories – you’ll also be buying into fairly produced pieces that convey that happy South American vibe and energy. Something you can only positively want to be adorn your aura with.

Caipora collaborate with some of the best Brazilian designers, and their collections mirror the melting pot of culture that is Brazil – a huge mix of Europeans, Japanese, Americans, and other South Americans. This is reflected both in the interesting materials used, and in the truly original shapes. It is no run-of-the-mill jewellery you’ll find here.

Caipora is inspired by the Tup-Guarani goddess protector of the forest, and the choice is according to the four elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air, and you will find something for all moods and personalities. And if you can’t quite choose, you can just request a gift voucher, and let the lucky recipient make their choice.

Rewardrobe Slow Christmas Gifts Guide - Caipora

1. Angel necklace – recycled PVC. The PVC rubber texture had been developed and improved by Marzio Fiorini. Some of his work can be found in the museums of MoMa in San Francisco, Contemporary Art in Chicago, The American Art in New York and The George Pompidou Centre in Paris.

2. 3D natural ring - Recycled, synthetic and natural laser-cut rubber. 100% recyclable.

3. Ants gold&onyx double ring - recycled sterling silver, 18-Karat rose gold plated & natural onyx by Barbara Muller

4. Balance acrylic bracelet – recycled acrylic, produced in Recife by Manuca Vieira.

5. Paper bracelet - designed by Julieta Sandoval from locally sourced up-cycled materials.

6. Chantal terracotta agate earrings - Locals believe Agate stones have great power of cure and they use this gem as a form of protection. This piece has been created and produced by talented sisters Paula Santos and Mercia Stela.

7. White Agate necklace - Agate can be found in several colours and locals believe they have great power of cure, reinvigorating the body.

8. Paper necklace - designed by Julieta Sandoval from locally sourced up-cycled materials.

9. Moonly agate&gold necklace – handcrafted by Paula Santos and Mercia Stela.



Slow Christmas // Gift ideas from September Street

Posted in Shopping on Thursday, December 12th, 2013

The key words to describe the beautiful pieces we found on September Street would have to be chic and sleek.

Both their fashion and accessories selections are made up of simple and high-style pieces, perfect for a number of occasions, from work to leisure to travel, for a life lived in sustainable style. Featuring Rewardrobe’s long-time favourites like Beautiful Soul and Antithesis, we also loved finding out about Hilary Grant and Gina Stewart Cox.

At September Street, you’ll not only find great Christmas gifts, but timeless pieces to incorporate into your own wardrobe for a very elegant update – and now it’s the time to do it, with the 10% discount offered exclusively to us with code REWARDROBE10.

Rewardrobe Slow Christmas Gifts Guide - September Street

1. Daisy Takara Dress by Beautiful Soul

2. Feather necklace by Daisy Knights

3. The Two Piece blouse by Antithesis

4. The Reversible Jumpsuit by Antithesis

5.+6. Jewellery by Gina Stewart Cox

7. Organic cotton Breton stripe top

8.+9. Beanie and scarf, made in the mountains of Bolivia from 100% baby llama wool

10. This really is The Ultimate Travel Bag

11. Mittens knitted in the Scottish Borders and finished by hand

12. Circle scarf by Hilary Grant


Slow Christmas // Gift ideas from Danaqa World Chic

Posted in Shopping on Monday, December 9th, 2013

Today’s suggestions for Slow Christmas gifts are inspired by Danaqa World Chic and the exotic feel of their artisanal products. Danaqa’s bespoke luxury products are inspired, designed and made in the developing world, supporting its growth and future – and drawing on a type of aesthetic that makes them stand out at once. Look, for example, at the red necklace or the brass candle holder in the picture below.

The Danaqa proposition is to showcase the connection between the developing world and luxury design. The core of the Danaqa brand is the synergy between a quality product, its inspiring story and the developing world. Danaqa is hoping to have a recognised connection between luxury and social conscience- a new lifestyle choice.

Rewardrobe Slow Christmas Gifts Guide - Danaqa


1. Leather & Gass clutch. Patches of Green is a unique concept created by Fatma Rashad, hailing from Egypt and inspired by the riches of Africa. The workshop was established to train underprivileged women to manufacture leather goods, and give them an opportunity to earn a living.

2. Obi Belt. Rosa Abyssinica creates individually designed, hand-cut and carefully assembled products to reflect the beauty of natural 100% Ethiopian resources. It specifically aims to employ and empower female artisans and offers authentic products that feed directly into the local and national economy. The leather is a by-product of small scale farmers producing goats, sheep and cows for consumption. There is no animal breeding in Ethiopia purely for the leather.

3. Red Seed Necklace. Handmade in a small workshop in Sri Lanka for Danaqa, the 1948 range incorporates a wonderful merger of design, handcrafts and originality

4. Kitenge Bag. Taya Maxey uses a mixture of contemporary design, bold, 100% locally sourced inputs and the indigenous skills from cooperatives of craftsmen from throughout Rwanda for her creations.

5. Blue Cushion Cover. Sabahar creates sustainable work opportunities in Ethiopia with a focus on women. All products are made by hand: from spinning cotton and silk, to weaving, dying, and finishing products. The silk industry in Ethiopia was once a traditional, vibrant industry, which had all but disappeared before Sabahar began sourcing, growing, weaving, and finishing silk products.

6. Ostrich Eggshell Arrow Earrings. One Fine Thread aims for something beyond just beautiful jewellry. The goal is to create awareness of the San Bushmen (a hunter gather tribe from southern Africa)’s plight through the storytelling traditions connected to their arts and crafts, whilst creating a sustainable business for the tribe. The collection of ostrich egg-shell jewellery encompasses a holistic, creative livelihood. The ostrich eggs are eaten, providing key proteins to the family, with the egg shell being used firstly as a water carrier and then to create the jewellery.

7. Tall Copper Candlestick. Association of Craft Producers (ACP) provides assistance and training for nearly 1200 low income, primarily female, craft producers in Nepal. By investing in primarily women headed households, ACP is ensuring that the skills and investment it makes with its craftspeople is saved, reinvested and transferred as best as possible within the communities.

8. Merlot Shawl, by Sabahar Silk.

9. Kindle/iPad mini pouch. Mela merges a unique understanding of Ethiopian local materials with the passion of craftswomen, committed to modern design. The leather is a by-product of small scale farmers producing goats, sheep and cows for consumption. This allows them to invest in their communities and access micro-finance so that they can sustainably grow their businesses.

10. Leather&Silver Orange Necklace. T & H Design is made up of twins born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. They make by hand each piece of their unique jewellery range, always respecting local inputs, such as leather and silver, whilst adding their own sense of modern style to their pieces.

Don’t forget you can always visit Danaqa at their new West London home: Unit 23, 281 Portobello (Formerly Portobello Green Arcade), W10 5TZ.

Slow Christmas // Gift ideas from TIFF

Posted in Shopping on Friday, December 6th, 2013

Ladies, here’s a conscious e-tailer you simply must check out! And I mean, right now.

Yes, they have things for the gentlemen, the kids and for your home, too (and I do suggest you take a good browse in those sections as well), but when it comes to us ladies, TIFF have one of the best selections I’ve seen so far.

I’m talking womenswear, accessories, jewellery, bags, skincare… they’ll have you sorted. And your friends’ presents, too. Take inspiration from my picks below, but by all means browse the entire selection, as there’s more ’Trendsetting, Innovative, Fair Fashion’ to be discovered!

Rewardrobe Slow Christmas Gifts Guide - TIFF

1. Comic-print cotton and velvet shift dress, ethically made in London by Etrala. - 2. The ‘Christina’ t-shirt is designed by Juan Sebastian Rickenmann. Screen printed using eco-friendly low-impact water based inks, by Ultra Tee. - 3. Eucalyptus Seed Head Rings, silver stackable rings with colourful gems by Fiona Hutchinson. - 4. Embroidered pouch perfect for all your girly essentials, made from 100% organic canvas, by SewLomax. - 5. Beautiful silver grey jersey top with hand draped short sleeves. Made in EU, by MARiKRiNA. - 6. The  Life Fibonacci earrings are ethically made in Britain from 100% recycled brass, by Believer Jewellery. - 7. 100% Organic and Pure Argan Oil skincare line, by Moroccan Natural. - 8. This lovely Neon 3 Hostess Bag is 100% Cruelty Free and Eco, by Gunas. - 9. This 100% Merino Yarn High neck top is super soft and luxurious, by Myrrhia.

Slow Christmas // Gift ideas from Yours Sustainably

Posted in Shopping on Thursday, December 5th, 2013
Online store Yours Sustainably offers a carefully curated range of ethical home and fashion accessories and children’s products. We love that at Yours Sustainably you can find something suitable for everyone, and for most occasions or moments of the day. It really goes to show that Slow is not just about fashion or food, but is an actual lifestyle.

So we’ve put together this lifestyle moodboard today, with personal favourites like the Make Your Own Reindeer, the Trash book, and those cute vintage paper brooches.

And hear hear! Yours Sustainably are offering Rewardrobe readers a 10% discount on all products! Just use the code YSXMAS13 at checkout.

Rewardrobe Slow Christmas Gifts Guide - Yours Sustainably

1. The Hype Noses Candle, made from 100% vegetable wax – 2. This attractive metal cuff with basket weave pattern has been made to fair trade standards in India – 3. Elvis & Kresse wash bag, made from genuine decommissioned fire hose and lined with waste parachute silk – 4. These ‘scrappy’ animals are made from upcycled cotton and have a soft cotton body making them especially tactile for little fingers – 5. This great multipurpose rug/blanket is made from waste yarn and woollen jumpers from charity shops that are shredded up and re-spun – 6. Each of these brooches is hand made from an original vintage book and mounted on reclaimed wood with the shape and text being appropriate to the shape of the brooch – 7. Get crafty this Christmas with this super cute ‘make your own reindeer’ kit, made by a team of volunteers using materials rescued from industry – 8. Say No to plastic in style, with Baggu bags – 9. This scarf is made from bamboo, giving it a beautiful drape and finished with soft, hand-crocheted pom poms at each corner – 10. Trash! is the story of Velu, a young Indian boy who runs away from home and begins to work with Jaya, a sharp ragpicker child. Throughout the story, Trash! also features facts and arguments which help the reader think about child labour, ragpicking, lifestyles and waste and schools for working children. This book is suitable for children aged 8+.

Slow Christmas // Gift ideas from Ans Designs

Posted in Shopping on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Today’s gifts ideas are from Ans Designs, who tell us: ”Our business culture can be described as bright, passionate, colourful, daring, honest and confident. We examine the various ways in which fashion designers and artists approach Fair-trade design, from materials and processes to concepts and techniques (products made from organic or alternative fibres, recycled or re-used materials)”

I created a moodboard with my favourite neck pieces – who knows me even a little bit (or simply follows my social feeds) knows I’m *just a little bit* obsessed with neck ornaments (I’ve in fact bought necklaces from Ans before, both for myself and as presents, all of which have been super successful!).

But Ans Designs has this and more: from other accessories like bangles, earrings or head bands, to great objects for your home. All wonderfully colourful.

And they are also offering Rewardrobe readers an exclusive discount! Use REWAR15 at checkout for 15% off (not including delivery). 

Rewardrobe Slow Christmas Gifts Guide - AnsDesigns1. Dua separate rectangles necklace - 2. Felicidad Petates knots necklace in mauvelous grey beige - 3. Doris Vinas Peto mix necklace in greens - 4. Doris Vinas trimetal choker - 5. Paula Gallardo rombo necklace - 6. Perfectos Dragones trenzada necklace in silver golden and black - 7. CHS Loulou butterflies green brown and yellow - 8. Sol Marsico rolls necklace - 9. Perfectos Dragones colourful layer necklace - 10. Miss Pelpa Nest necklace for Ans Designs - 11. Sol Marsico gathering necklace in red


Slow Christmas // Gift ideas from Fun’n'Fair

Posted in Shopping on Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Fun’n'Fair are a colourful Italian online retailer of selected brands which unite a fresh and fun style with profound respect for the environment and for the work conditions of those they employ. What’s great is that all Fun’n'Fair fashion comes at the right price, without compromising on quality and aesthetics.

You know the score: you’ll indulge at Christmas, then make lots of new year’s resolutions. If one of them is to be more healthy and fit, Fun’n'Fair will become your online destination of choice: this store has the best active, gym and loungewear around, all made of organic natural fibres.

And if you also want to have a more conscious lifestyle come next year, by shopping here you know you won’t be contributing to the exploitation of land and workers carried on by so many brands that are ‘cheap ‘n’ cheerful’ but not ‘fun ‘n’ fair’.

Rewardrobe Slow Christmas Gifts Guide - Fun'n'Fair
Even for your little ones!
Fun’n'Fair are currently offering an amazing 50% on the whole range, what’s not to love.
Rewardrobe’s picks:
1. Lalies Kamikaze Hoodie by Monkee
2. Where You At, Mumbay? t-shirt by No Nasties
3. Sailor’s Chambray Shirt by Bleed
4. Beanie Summit by Hempy’s
5. Jedi Sweatshirt by Monkee
6. Shortie babygrow by L.G.R.
7. Get Off… t-shirt by L.G.R.