December offer: Detox your wardrobe! 2-hour session for £100 special price

In November I worked with a client, Emilia, on a Wardrobe Detox. She was very happy and left me a stellar review that you can read below.
Do you also feel like your wardrobe could do with more space and order, and that you could freshen up your style? Or do you have a friend that would love a session as a present?
I have a special offer: buy a Gift Voucher in December for a 2-hour Wardrobe Detox for only £100.

All you need to do is get in touch, and ask me any questions.


Here is what Emilia had to say about the experience:

“Earlier this week, Veronica and I spent an incredibly fruitful afternoon together sorting through my wardrobe. It wasn’t just a matter of bin this and keep that. It was a systematic re-evaluation of things I wear and things I had not worn in a while, making sure that my current life is reflected in my wardrobe.
Veronica was objective and practical in her advice. She understands how we wear clothes every day and what was going to work for me and what wasn’t. She suggested some simple tailoring fixes and updates for certain items, including some vintage items and connected me to someone who restores vintage dresses. Veronica made me see the value in keeping certain items that I might not have considered otherwise. She also organised my wardrobe so that I wouldn’t neglect perfectly good and rediscovered pieces. Veronica also saw the value in keeping certain items of sentimental value, even though I may never wear them again.
Opening my wardrobe the next day was just fabulous. I had a new perspective and it was like looking at all new things.
You may ask whether this isn’t something I could have done myself. The simple answer is that I did, but that wasn’t enough. I’d get stuck on this or that and just couldn’t be objective anymore. This task requires objectivity, practicality, a professional eye and talent. Veronica has these attributes in spades (not to mention her excellent connections to the world of fashion).
This was an excellent experience and I highly recommend Veronica.”

So what is a Wardrobe Detox?
It’s the first step in your style makeover.
A home visit involves a thorough overhaul of your wardrobe. We will harmonise your clothing into sections so that they are easy to access and assemble in an outfit.
A few things will have to go – but I’m definitely not ruthless in this process. We’ll only work towards the aim of streamlining your wardrobe, paring it down to only what fits and flatters you best.
Your mood will be elevated once you see the space that is produced. This will not only create a positive energy flow by saving you time and stress on getting dressed every day, but it will also save you money: a wardrobe reorganisation is a basic step to create a list of what you truly need to buy when you next go shopping, avoiding double-purchases.
I’ll also give you plenty of other helpful tips and advice for sustainable wardrobe maintenance, so that you can avoid unnecessary and costly dry-cleaning, and maintain your clothes to have them last longer and preserve their quality.

How do I claim the offer?
All you need to do is purchase a Gift Voucher in December – vouchers are valid for six months.
This is an offer for a 2-hour session, if you feel you may need more time I’ll be happy to discuss a price for a longer appointment.
This offer is intended for London residents – I do work with clients outside of London, but different time and travel charges may apply.

In any case… Just drop me an email for a chat! And we’ll go through anything you need to know.

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