UK Aware: Rewardrobe workshop in collaboration with Offset Warehouse

Rewardrobe are thrilled to announce we will be taking part in this year’s edition of UK AwareOffset Warehouse have asked us to run a workshop on ‘The Secrets To Being Eco-Chic’.

It’s a great thing for me to be collaborating with Offset Warehouse, as I do believe in their great model: helping more and more designers produce sustainable collections, and promoting their work in their boutique, full of outstanding fashion. They are a social enterprise and the first UK online retailer to bring together all the elements needed to create ethical clothing and interiors - the only online portal to bring together a wide range of ethical fabrics, a haberdashery, garments and resources to make it easy for creatives to be ethical.

A perfect occasion for them to be exhibiting at UK Aware, Britain’s largest, longest running and best-loved sustainable lifestyle show.

I will be joining them this Saturday, 26th March at 4pm, for a workshop that I will try to keep informal but informative, and I’ll pack full of practical advice on how to be chic but caring – the attitude behind Slow Fashion.

I’ll be telling you about sustainable fashion, and how to ‘slow down your act’ when it comes to styling your own outfits, shopping for new clothes, and taking care of them. I’ll show you you don’t need to start from scratch if you want to run a conscious wardrobe, and it’s not such hard work. It may even save you money in the end! And it’ll certainly help your creativity, to develop a truly unique personal style.

Interested? If you’d like to attend my workshop, you might even get the chance to visit the whole event for free! Book your ticket now, and use the discount code: OFFSETWAREHOUSE

See you there  x

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