Services For Private Clients

Initial Consultation

Here at Rewardrobe we aim to give you the best service we can. An initial complimentary consultation is helpful to grasp an understanding of what your current styling routine is, what your preferences are, and what you hope to achieve from your session. We can do this by phone or email.

We will work out together what service is best for you to get the most from a Rewardrobe consultation.

Wardrobe Refresh

A Wardrobe Refresh is the first step in your style makeover.

A home visit from our Stylist involves a thorough overhaul of your wardrobe, looking at your current clothes and reorganising them in a way that helps you to become time and energy efficient. We will harmonise your clothing into sections so that they are easy to access and assemble in an outfit.
This will not only create a positive energy flow by saving you time and stress, but it will also save you money: a wardrobe reorganisation is a basic step to highlight problematic areas that can then be addressed with the Restyling.

Naturally, something will have to give. Sometimes it can be hard to say goodbye, but rest assured, your mood will be elevated once you see the space that is produced. The clothes that are left will be only those that fit and flatter you best.

We also offer plenty of other helpful tips and advice for sustainable wardrobe maintenance. Which also has a welcome effect: we’ll show you how to cut down on time-consuming, harmful and expensive dry-cleaning for example, and show you how to treat your clothes so that they’ll last longer and you can maximise the value of your precious fashion buys.

The Re-Styling

So we’ve eliminated those items of clothing that were no longer needed, and created a new sense of calm in your wardrobe. Now it’s time to maximise the use of the selected pieces you are keeping.
We’ll help you to create an entire array of outfits, creating interesting and beautiful colour and shape combinations for work, going out, special occasions, and everyday wear.
But you don’t have to book a Wardrobe Refresh first: we can just work on creating some outfits for you – especially if you don’t need a full wardrobe overhaul, but need outfits for a particular reason or event.

We’ll also assemble your very own personal lookbook with pictures of every outfit we have fashioned together so that you can use it as a reference guide for those days that you find yourself in a rush or unable to make a decision! You will receive this file a few days after the consultation.

The Upcycle

Rewardrobe like to encourage sustainable fashion as much as we can. We offer styling direction as to how to maximise what you already have so that you can get the best out of everything you own.

We understand naturally there are things that you no longer want to keep a hold of, so we have employed an upcycling scheme to give new life to clothes that currently don’t work for you.

Donate – Rewardrobe can introduce you to plenty of organisations that collect clothes for a specific purpose. Together we will choose one that you are happy to help.

Sell – Most of us have a few items that have barely seen the light of day. Some impulse buys have either been worn once or twice, or not at all! These practically new items can be sold on. Who knows? Perhaps the money you make will cover the cost of your Rewardrobe styling session, making your makeover effectually cost free!

Upcycle – You may have a few items that are not fitting at the moment, but whose fabric or print you still love, or have a sentimental attachment to. Rewardrobe has teamed up with some talented designers, that accept commissions to transform your pieces into new creations of customised design. Alternatively, if you are happy to donate your unwanted pieces to them, they’ll be happy to incorporate them into their own designs, thus prolonging the lifespan of the material and continuing our mission of sustainable fashion with style!

Personal Shopping

After a Rewardrobe or Restyling, you may feel there are some gaps in your wardrobe that you would like to fill. We can organise a personal shopping trip for you.

We can tailor the trip to suit your specific requirements, lifestyle and budget so that we can be sure to find you just what you’re looking for.

This service can include looking for anything from a snug winter coat for the colder seasons, to simply picking out those quality basics that will deliver on durability and fit, and that will last.

If you haven’t experienced the Rewardrobe services before, we will still be happy to organise a personalised shopping trip for you. We simply need you to tell us your objectives in our informal initial consultation.

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Services For Brands

For Brands

Rewardrobe work with brands to help them get established in the marketplace, increase their exposure with press and with the public, expand internationally. We offer:

  • promotion and representation at international trade fairs
  • trends research, catwalk reports, retail and visual merchandising reports
  • stockists research and liaising with boutiques
  • press coverage and writing services (in English and Italian)
  • social media strategy implementation
  • an international network of professional connections

Rewardrobe’s success lies with the personal relationships we establish with all our clients. We strive to include all of them in our already extensive network, to create multi-level synergies.


Events organization for brands

Writing Services

For publications: Veronica Crespi has extensive writing experience with print and online publications, commenting on fashion, trends, retail, events, and the subject of sustainable fashion. Personally connected with brands and Prs. She is available for freelance commissions and as a Fashion Editor.

For brands: Veronica Crespi can help your brand put together an effective press release, a lookbook/collection introduction, and develop copy for your social media strategy and blogs.