Slow Christmas // Gift ideas from Caipora Jewellery

If you’re looking for something truly special this Christmas – be it for your Mum, sister, friend, or as a… erm… subtle suggestion for your own wishlist – you really need to look no further than Caipora Jewellery. Not only you will find beautifully crafted accessories – you’ll also be buying into fairly produced pieces that convey that happy South American vibe and energy. Something you can only positively want to be adorn your aura with.

Caipora collaborate with some of the best Brazilian designers, and their collections mirror the melting pot of culture that is Brazil – a huge mix of Europeans, Japanese, Americans, and other South Americans. This is reflected both in the interesting materials used, and in the truly original shapes. It is no run-of-the-mill jewellery you’ll find here.

Caipora is inspired by the Tup-Guarani goddess protector of the forest, and the choice is according to the four elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air, and you will find something for all moods and personalities. And if you can’t quite choose, you can just request a gift voucher, and let the lucky recipient make their choice.

Rewardrobe Slow Christmas Gifts Guide - Caipora

1. Angel necklace – recycled PVC. The PVC rubber texture had been developed and improved by Marzio Fiorini. Some of his work can be found in the museums of MoMa in San Francisco, Contemporary Art in Chicago, The American Art in New York and The George Pompidou Centre in Paris.

2. 3D natural ring - Recycled, synthetic and natural laser-cut rubber. 100% recyclable.

3. Ants gold&onyx double ring - recycled sterling silver, 18-Karat rose gold plated & natural onyx by Barbara Muller

4. Balance acrylic bracelet – recycled acrylic, produced in Recife by Manuca Vieira.

5. Paper bracelet - designed by Julieta Sandoval from locally sourced up-cycled materials.

6. Chantal terracotta agate earrings - Locals believe Agate stones have great power of cure and they use this gem as a form of protection. This piece has been created and produced by talented sisters Paula Santos and Mercia Stela.

7. White Agate necklace - Agate can be found in several colours and locals believe they have great power of cure, reinvigorating the body.

8. Paper necklace - designed by Julieta Sandoval from locally sourced up-cycled materials.

9. Moonly agate&gold necklace – handcrafted by Paula Santos and Mercia Stela.



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