Thank you so much for supporting our event. It was wonderful to have you work with us, and you made a real difference to our customer’s perception of how to wear ethical and fair trade clothing.

 Roxy Rocks-EngelmanCustomer Services Executive, People Tree


Il mio pomeriggio di styling con Veronica è stato molto piacevole e utilissimo! Prima dei suoi consigli vestivo solo nero, grigio e bianco, con Veronica invece ho scoperto che qualche dettaglio colorato, che puo’ essere una t-shirt, un top o anche un accessorio, mi fa sentire meglio. Passare un pomeriggio o piu’ giorni con Veronica è tempo speso bene, per me è stato un vero investimento perché Veronica è stata in grado di valorizzare ogni singolo capo che avevo nell’armadio. Prima di utilizzare i suoi servizi continuavo a comprare senza soddisfazione, mi riempivo l’armadio di abiti che non riuscivo a mettere. Con lei ho scoperto di avere capi preziosi che posso abbinare in modi diversi con diversi accessori. Con lei ho scoperto un nuovo armadio che non sapevo di avere perché grazie a Veronica e ai suoi consigli sono riuscita a realizzare abbinamenti che si adattano a me e che mi piacciono tantissimo. Veronica oltre ad essere una bravissima consulente di immagine, è stata in grado di capire con la sua professionalità e discrezione quello di cui avevo bisogno e insieme abbiamo realizzato tanti styling che posso indossare ogni giorno. Mi sento molto piu’ sicura del mio modo di vestire dopo le sue consulenze.

Emanuela, Forlì (Italy)


My Rewardrobe experience was a Christmas present and was a great opportunity to get some professional advice on my wardrobe. Veronica and I did a Skype chat to start with, so I could show her the kind of things I like to wear, and we also discussed what I was looking for, as a new mum and with different priorities now! I am always in a dilemma about how to find clothes that look good and are also ethical. Based on our conversation Veronica did some research and emailed some ideas, designed an itinerary for shopping, and a week later we spent 3.5hours finding some great pieces that look great on their own but which also complement my existing wardrobe. Veronica was really easy to shop with, like going with a good friend, with plenty of honest advice and a good eye for detail. I found the whole experience really fun and also picked up some great tips on how to go shopping as well as what kinds of colours and styles suit me. I came away with a much better idea of how to put outfits together and some fantastic new clothes to wear and feel good in. She has since emailed a couple of ideas which have further inspired me. Thank you for such a great experience!

Alice, Hampshire


The organised simplicity that Veronica brings to your wardrobe will give you a sense of calm to getting dressed for the day. And as a busy mum with two under two, this is no mean feat!

Emma, Bristol


A disused kimono, an idea what to do with it – but no one who would be able to help turn it into reality. Such was my dilemma when I approached Rewardrobe.
Once I had explained my problem to Veronica, it took nothing more than a plunge into her vast network of contacts to recommend me the dressmaker who would be able to help me meet the challenge. Her network, in London and beyond, as much as her knowledge of things wardrobe maintenance, adjustments and redesign is outstanding.
I’m really grateful for her support, and am sure the kimono-turned-long coat will look stunning.

Pamela, London


Veronica really helped me to ‘rewardrobe’. I had so many clothes and I didn’t know which went with which.
Veronica had such a professional approach and keen eye. At the end of our 4hr rewardrobe session I had such a clear idea of which of my clothes goes with what. And I also have an organised wardrobe which makes me feel inspired every time I look at it. Thanks Veronica!

Awele, Essex


I contacted Veronica as I was in need of a pair of fresh eyes on my wardrobe.  Although I liked what I had, I was finding it increasingly difficult to choose outfits that I felt comfortable in. As I had just started working on my business full-time, I also wanted to increase my confidence.  Veronica helped me to reaffirm my style, organise my wardrobe contents (including getting rid of things that didn’t fit with my style, and listing them on eBay for me), and gave me new ideas about how to wear some of my favourite items.  It wasn’t just a quick fix – a year later, I’m still using all of the tips she gave

Alison, London


I have been incredibly happy with the service Veronica offers at ReWardrobe. For several years, I had, in the back of my mind, an idea that I needed to find somebody to help with my clothing situation. I was spending, on average, 40 minutes every morning trying on and discarding clothes, only to settle for the same standards that I wore every day. When I bought clothes, they never seemed to work with anything I owned already, so, though my wardrobe was filling up with interesting individual items of clothing, I continued to wear the typical jeans and t-shirts, with little variation.

I searched on-line a bit for personal shopper-types but had no luck. When I found Veronica’s card in a shop, I knew I’d found the answer. Her approach seemed unintimidating and practical – perfect for someone like me who is not overly concerned with appearance or fashion, but wants to look her best. After our initial meeting, it was clear her company is exactly as advertised and she does as promised. During our first session, Veronica spent several hours going through my closet with me, and putting a sense of order to it all. She has many quick and simple tricks up her sleeve to create a wardrobe that makes a sense and is, I find now during that early morning outfit decision making, inspirational.

During our second session, Veronica worked with me to put together lots of different outfits from clothes I had overlooked or had limited imagination about. She helped me to see what I owned in new ways, and she suggested several items that I could buy which could work well with many of the things I already own. She and I have plans to look for some of these items together. She was also very sensitive to color and was straightforward with me about colors I should, and definitely should not, be wearing.

Now, Veronica is helping me with my wedding outfit, and her approach to this shows how her skills are not limited to the wardrobe. She has lots of original ideas and well-honed research skills, good fashion contacts, a great sense of how to mix vintage and contemporary style, and has clearly “gotten” me since she is totally on my wavelength and understands exactly the look that works for me.

Finally, I’ll add that Veronica is relaxed, easy to talk to, and completely down to earth, which has made my venture into this new world of style and fashion as natural as could be.

Daphne, London



Pure Design subscriber Lyndsay, tried a Rewardrobe, and was kind enough to tell us what she thought…

What problem with your wardrobe did you ask Veronica to help resolve?

I’ve been at home for the past 12 months on maternity leave and am returning to work in just a few weeks time.  I wanted to go out and get a few new items to wear, but really didn’t know what my style should be.  Not to mention I had a bunch of clothes that I hadn’t worn for almost 2 years and was trying to figure out what still fits/suits and was in fashion. When I saw Veronica’s flyer I thought it was exactly what I need.

Having a stylist visit sounds wonderful – but quite expensive. Do you think it was money well spent?

I went for a four-hour session with Veronica, and it would be all too easy to spend that same money on three or four items of clothing that didn’t flatter or go with anything else in my wardrobe.  Veronica helped me get my entire wardrobe re-organised.  I am now wearing a whole load of things that I had completely forgotten about (easily of the same value that I spent on Rewardrobe) and I feel really confident that the few items of clothing I have bought as a result, I am going to wear loads.  So great value as far as I am concerned.  If I manage to sell the items we pulled out for ebay I might even make a profit!

What top tip did you takeaway from the day?

Not so much a tip but the single most effective thing Veronica did was to divide my wardrobe into winter and summer and suddenly I am seeing all my clothes and lots of new exciting combinations when it comes to putting together outfits.

Were there any recommendations Veronica made that surprised you?

I would never in a million years have pulled on a pair of leggings but it’s a real confidence boost when someone from a professional fashion background tells you that they will suit you.  Now I am a total convert.

Lyndsay, Reading